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September 25, 2009

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August 12, 2009

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June 7, 2009

A webmaster (portmanteau of web and postmaster), also called a web architect, web developer, site author, website administrator, or (informally) webmeister, is a person responsible for designing, developing, marketing, or maintaining a website. On community websites, webmasters are able to change and manipulate any comment that the users make. As a profession A webmaster is an individual who manages or administrates a web site(s). Webmasters ensure that the web servers, hardware and software are operating accurately, design the website, generate and revise web pages, reply to user comment, and examine traffic through the site. Webmasters are practitioners of web communication. Typically, they are generalists with HTML expertise who manage most or all aspects of Web operations. Webmasters typically know scripting languages such as PHP, Perl and Javascript. They may also be required to know how to configure web servers such as Apache and serve as the server administrator. A broader definition of webmaster is a businessperson who uses online media to sell products and/or services. This broader definition of webmaster covers not just the technical aspects of overseeing Web site construction and maintenance but also management of content, advertising, marketing and order fulfilment for the Web site. Core responsibilities of the webmaster may include the regulation and management of access rights of different users of a website, the appearance and setting up website navigation. Content placement can be part of a webmaster’s responsibilities, while content creation is typically not.

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June 7, 2009

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